Sick of damsels in distress? Can’t bear another princess waiting for her prince charming? Here’s a list of young adult fiction books with strong female heroines who know how to look after themselves.

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
No list of contemporary YA books, especially one about strong women, would be complete without Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is a sharp and intelligent heroine who puts her own survival, and that of her family, first. Importantly, The Hunger Games has shown both the publishing industry and mainstream Hollywood that stories with strong female leads can be a commercial success. The Hunger Games trilogy has been translated into 26 languages and sold over 50 million copies in both print and electronic formats.


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In this video Stephen King, most famous for his horror and suspense novels, discusses the short story and the fact that many accomplished writers – particular those make good money from their novels – can ‘lose their touch’ when it comes to crafting a strong short story.

King first started writing short stories when he was 18 and many of his most famous books, including Misery, were first started as short stories.


This interview was recorded by Borders when King was promoting his short story collection Just After Sunset.


The shortlist for the unique Diagram Prize – the prize awarded each year book with the strangest title – has been announced for 2013.

The titles in the running are:

Was Hitler Ill?
by Hans-Joachim Neumann and Henrik Eberle (Polity Press)
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