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Virginia Quarterly Review is Accepting Submissions Throughout July

Virginia Quarterly Review, one of the top-ranked literary magazines in the United States, is accepting unsolicited submissions throughout July.

VQR was established in 1925 at the University of Virginia as “A National Journal of Literature and Discussion”. Each issue aims to publish best that contemporary literature can offer.

In a 2006 article, Slate’s culture critic Meghan O’Rourke explained “what makes VQR distinctive is simply that it has the immediacy of the Atlantic or The New Yorker, but its longer pieces (upwards of 10,000 words) appear alongside 20 pages of poetry.”

According to the editors “VQR strives to publish the best writing we can find. While we have a long history of publishing accomplished and award-winning authors, we also seek and support emerging writers. A look at one of our latest issues will show you the diversity of voices we publish.”

VQR is published four times a year. All submissions must be previously unpublished.

Types of Accepted Submissions

Short fiction, poetry and nonfiction (literary, art, and cultural criticism; reportage; historical and political analysis; and travel essays)

Word limits

2000 – 8000 words for short fiction, 3,500 – 9000 for nonfiction and poetry of any length.


Poetry: $200 per poem, up to 4 poems; for a suite of 5 or more poems, usually $1000

Short fiction: usually $1000 and above

Other prose: usually $1000 and above, at approximately 25 cents per word (more for investigative reporting

Book reviews: $500

Online content: usually $100 – $200 depending upon genre and length


Wednesday 31 July 2019

More Information

Visit the Virginia Quarterly Review website to read the full submission guidelines.

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