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An Introduction to Screenwriting: A Free Online Course Starts 20 May

The University of East Anglia’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing is offering a free, online course focused on screenwriting.

Starting on Monday 20 May, the course is open to both new and experienced screenwriters. The course is led by Michael Lengsfield, a graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program. His credits include scripts for the Walt Disney Company and Harpo Entertainment, and his work has screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

According to Lengsfield, “for those of you who’ve never given much thought to screenwriting, the course will offer a brief glimpse into the thinking that goes into the construction of a screenplay. For those of you who have previous experience with screenwriting, the course should offer you new techniques, or approaches, that will help to further your own work.

The course runs for two weeks and requires a three-hour per week commitment. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

    • Explore key issues in the practice of creating screenplays
    • Explain the basic principles of the screenwriting process
    • Identify the essentials of the screenplay format
    • Discuss the construction of a professional script
    • Design a story pitch

For further information about the course and to enrol visit the Future Learn website.