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Writing Stand-Out Opening Scenes with Daniel José Older (Giveaway)

Learn about character, conflict, context and craft with a New York Times Bestselling Author

Daniel José Older is a very busy person. Since he stopped being a full-time paramedic in New York City in 2014, Older has published five novellas, three books in his Bone Street Rumba series, the first two books in his Shadowshaper series and in April of this year he released his first Star Wars novel, Last Shot, which serves as a tie-in to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Thankfully for us, he has also made time in his jam-packed schedule to launch a new eight-part short course with online learning community Skillshare. Creative Writing Essentials: Writing Stand-Out Opening Scenes utilises the first and last drafts of the opening scene of Older’s urban fantasy novel Shadowshaper as a case study. He uses this to break down the anatomy of a scene and provide useful exercises to help you analyse character, movement and structure. Students who complete the course will learn about the tools needed to build gripping opening scenes and write cohesive stories.

We have fifty FREE passes for this class to giveaway.
Update: All free places have now been claimed but you can still participate in the course by signing-up for a free two-month premium Skillshare membership. Other writing classes available on the site include Older’s first Skillshare class on Character, Conflict, Context, and CraftWriting from Memory with Ashley C. Ford and Creative Nonfiction with Susan Orlean.

To find out more about Daniel José Older visit his website and follow him on Twitter.

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