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Barrelhouse is Seeking Submissions from Previously Unpublished Writers

For the 19th issue of its print magazine, Barrelhouse is seeking submissions from writers who have never been published before.

Barrelhouse is an independent non-profit literary organisation which aims to bridge the gap between serious art and pop culture. Its biannual print journal features fiction, poetry, interviews, and essays about music, art, and the detritus of popular culture.

Until 30 June, Barrelhouse is exclusively accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and comics from previously unpublished writers.

For the purposes of this call out, Barrelhouse defines unpublished as “an author who has never had a poem/story/essay/comic/book accepted by editors of a publication that has an independent review process, open submissions, and some readership beyond their own homes.” Writers who have only had their work published through a personal blog, self-published zine or undergraduate literary journal are still eligible to submit.

The call out has no age restrictions and the editors are eager to read submissions from a diverse array of voices, and especially traditionally marginalised groups. All contributors will be paid US$50.

Submissions close on Saturday 30 June 2018. For further details and to submit visit the Barrelhouse website.