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The Digital Writers’ Festival Starts on 1 November


The Digital Writers’ Festival describes itself as ‘an online carnival dedicated to what happens when technology and the written world collide’. Organised by Australia’s Emerging Writers’ Festival, the Digitial Writers’ Festival is the only event of its kind, with all of its programming taking place entirely online.

Starting on 1 November and running for eleven days, the 2016 festival program aims to connect and inspire emerging writers from around the globe. All events will be live streamed via and available to anyone with access to the internet. The majority events are free.

Some highlights of the program include:

The Limits and Possibilities of Digital Writing (free)
The internet continues to open up new pathways for writing: for finding new audiences, and for expanding the way writers can create and present their work. These exciting panellists are interested in exploring the boundaries of what digital spaces can offer the written word, how this writing intersects with physical spaces, and where the reader fits into the whole thing.
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Writers’ Night School: Introduction to Podcasting (paid)
Podcasts are exploding and more accessible to begin than ever – but the idea of starting a podcast good enough to listen to can be daunting. Lady Parts co-host Sophie Overett runs this introduction to podcasting, to give you all of the tools you need to start – and keep! – podcasting.
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Traversing the Print/Digital Divide (free)
We’ve been told the internet will kill print – but while it may have taken some victims, the printed word hasn’t quite left us yet. In the world of the internet, what is the place of physical newspapers, literary journals, and zines? How do editors, publishers, and writers decide what should exist in the physical, and what should exist online – and how do we get readers reading both?
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Describing Audio Description (free)
Hidden in the dark of theatres or on undetected film soundtracks, audio describers are writers you’re unlikely to encounter – or even think about – until you need their skills. But what does it take to write between the words and paint a picture so people who are blind or vision impaired can get the most out of art? For the Digital Writers’ Festival, professional audio describers Will McRostie and Lara Torr turn their eyes to images from the internet to demonstrate the need for this very niche skill set – and just what fun it can be.
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The Editor/Writer Relationship (free)
The hands of a good editor, we’re told, should be invisible. So what does their work look like? For Lola and Calliope: Under Construction, writer Elizabeth Tan and editor Alice Grundy gave us a peek behind the mysterious process of editing. Here, they join another editor and writer pair to discuss what their relationship looks like, why writers need editors, and if we should take the role of the editor out from behind the curtain.
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All event times are listed in Australian Eastern Daylight time so don’t forget to convert to your local timezone.

For further details follow the Digital Writers’ Festival hashtag, #dwf16, on Twitter.