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30 Gifts Under $30 for Writers and Book Lovers

1. Library Card Tote Bag

Library Card Tote Bag

$19.99, available here


2. Books I Haven’t Read Book Ends

Books I Haven't Read Book Ends

$12.99, available here


3. Support Authors T-Shirt

Support Authors T-shirt

$27.50, available here


4. Editing Day Mug

Editing Day Mug

$16, available here


5. Writer Emergency Pack

Writer Emergency Pack

$19, available here


6. Gatsby’s Green Light Necklace

Gatsby's Green Light Necklace

$19.99, available here


7.  Stop Procrastinating Pencil Set

Stop Procrastinating Pencil Set

$13.60, available here


8. Little Set of Book Plates

Little Set of Book Plates

$5.99, available here


9. Classic Books Personalised Mouse Pad

Classic Books Personalised Mouse Mat

$7.75, available here


10. George Orwell’s Animal Farm Japanese Edition T-Shirt

Animal Farm Japanese Edition T-Shirt

$28, available here


11. Soap for Writer’s Block

Soap for Writers Block

$8.95, available here


12. Ernest Hemingway Flask

Ernest Hemingway Flask

$12, available here


13. Jack Kerouac Quote Poster

Jack Kerouac Quote Poster

$18, available here


14. The City Writing Notebook

The City Writing Notebook

$19, available here


15. Text Message Note Cards

Text Message Notecards

$9.75, available here


16.  The Elements of Style Illustrated Edition

The Elements of Style Illustrated

$21, available here


17. Bathtub Tray with Book Holder

Bathtub Tray with Book Holder

$29, available here


18. Novel in Progress Mug

Novel in Progress Mug

$10, available here


19. Typewriter Paper

Typewriter Paper

$12.95, available here


20. Doodling for Book Worms

Doodling for Bookworms

$12.55, available here


21. ‘Literally’ Canvas Bag

Literally Shopping Bag

$15, available here


22. Letterpress Refrigerator Magnets

Letterpress Refrigerator Magnets

$13, available here


23. Writer’s Digest Subscription

Writers Digest Subscription

$19.95 (one year), available here


24. Personalised Bookplate Stamp

Personalised Bookplate Stamp

$16, available here


25. NPR Books Tote Bag

NPR Books Tote Bag

$24, available here


26. Writer’s Block Notebook

Writer's Block Notebook

$14.99, available here


27. Leo Tolstoy Library Candle

Leo Tolstoy Library Candle

$21, available here


28. Jane Austen Bandages

Jane Austen Bandages

$7.50, available here


29. Caffeinated Writer Spoon

Caffeinated Writer Spoon

$16, available here


30. Read a Book T-Shirt

Read a Book T-Shirt

$28, available here


and if you are happy to completely blow the budget . . .

1960s style USB Typewriter Keyboard

USB Typewriter Keyboard


$799, available here


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