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How Long Would It Take You to Read Game of Thrones?

Reading all 4,197 pages of the first five books in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire series would take the average reader 424 days. With this test from, readers can now calculate how long it would long take them to complete this reading challenge, and how much time they would need to set aside to finish other bestsellers including the entire Harry Potter series, Donna Tartt’s Putlizer-Prize winning The Goldfinch and Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.

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For those looking to increase their reading speed, Spritz may be the answer. According to ABC News, this new technology “manipulates [the] text word format to limit your eye movement when reading, and shorten the time your brain takes to process the information. The program streams one word at a time, highlighting the ‘Optimal Recognition Point’ or ORP of the word in red and aligning those specific letters to a central point.” Spritz claims that its technology has helped some people reach reading speeds of 1,000 words per minute, fast enough to read a 1,000 page novel in around 10 hours.

Reading Speed Spritz


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