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Understand the Key Book Publishing Paths (Infographic)

Understand the Key Book Publishing Paths (infographic)Click image to enlarge and zoom

This infographic comes courtesy of editor and publishing commentator Jane Friedman. It outlines what she sees as the most important publishing paths, their value to authors, the potential pitfalls, and some examples of each. It’s great advice for any aspiring writer trying to navigate the complicated worlds of both traditional and independent (self) publishing.

Below are the website links for the tools and services for producing e-book files, and where to find freelance assistance and other services, as mentioned in the bottom section of the infographic:

Popular Tools and Services for Producing e-Book Files

Where to Find Freelance Assistance and Other Services

beginning writers answer bookJane Friedman has extensive experience in the publishing industry. She is the former publisher of Writer’s Digest and is the current web editor of award-winning national journal Virginia Quarterly Review.She was also the editor of the 30th anniversary edition of the Beginning Writer’s Answer Book, published in 2006.



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  1. Frank Green
    6 June 2013 / 4:08 am

    “She is the former publisher of publisher of Writer’s Digest. . . .” I’m confused.

    I’m also suspect because this does meet the usual standards of the great VQR.

    And let me get this straight: “Click image to enlarge and zoom”; try it. Does it make it larger? And this is a Web person? Gee, I hate to be picky, but . . .

    Finally, I must stress that the paths she enumerates are interesting but if the writing is not good enough for someone to pay you, either the writing is not ready (almost universally the case) or it has not found the right agent and editor.

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