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Padgett Powell: What Writing Should Do

We have seen this advice posted in a number of places around the internet and thought it was too good not to share. It was first published in the postscript pages of the paperback edition of Padgett Powell’s The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? published in 2009.


About Padgett Powell

Padgett Powell is the author of five novels, including Edisto, which was nominated for the National Book Award. His writing has appeared in the New Yorker, Harper’s, The Paris Review, Esquire, and other publications, as well as in the anthologies Best American Short Stories and Best American Sports Writing.
Padgett Powell's The Interrogative MoodHis 2009 novel The Interrogative Mood is a highly innovative work composed of entirely of questions It’s many fans include Jonathan Safran Foer who said ‘this book will sear the unlucky volumes shelved on either side of it. How it doesn’t, itself, combust in flames is a mystery to me. Padgett Powell has given us a wake-up call.’
Listen to Padgett Powell read from The Interrogative Mood

Photo by Gately Williams


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