The Morland Scholarship for African Writers 2017

The Morland Scholarship for Writers 2017

Applications are now open the Morland Writing Scholarship for 2017. Scholarships of £18,000 (US $24,000) for fiction writers or up to £27,000 (US$36,000) for non-fiction writers will be awarded. The scholarship is open to writers who were born in Africa or whose parents were born in Africa.

About the Scholarship
This scholarship is sponsored by the Miles Morland Foundation. The foundation’s focus is culture and education with a particular interest in writing. Other projects supported by the foundation include literary festivals in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Somaliland, and the Caine Prize for African Writing.

Successful fiction applicants will each receive a grant of £18,000, paid monthly over the course of the 2017 calendar year. The scholarship of any successful non-fiction applicant will be paid over a period of up to 18 months. All scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to be mentored by an established author or publisher.

The scholarship is intended for writers who want to write a full-length book of 80,000 words or more. To this end, the writers will be asked to submit via email 10,000 new words every month until they have finished their book. The scholarship will terminate if a writer fails to submit the required work on time without prior authorisation.

Another, somewhat unusual, scholarship guideline is that the three writers are expected to donate back to the Miles Morland Foundation 20 per cent of the subsequent earnings from what they write during their scholarship year. This is not a legally binding condition,but instead viewed as a ‘debt of honour’.

Applications are judged on literary merit. Proposed books can be on any subject though the judges may show preference to works which relate to Africa. 

Who Can Apply

The Morland Scholarship for Writers is open to anyone who was born in Africa or both of whose parents were born in Africa. If a writer was not born in Africa and only one of their parents was born in Africa, they are still eligible to apply provided they can prove they are a full-time African residents, defined as having spent at least nine of the past twelve months in Africa.

In order to complete the application process, applicants must include in their application a published piece of writing. For the purposes of this scholarship published is defined as writing that has appeared in a printed book, journal or magazine that has been offered for sale.

Writers wishing to undertake projects in the fields of poetry, playwriting, short story, academic and/or scientific research are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply

To apply for the Morland Scholarship 2017 writers must provide via email:

  • A sample piece of published prose between 2000 and 5000 words. This can be an individual piece or an extract from a longer work.
  • A description of between 400 and 1000 words of the project they would complete if successful in their application. This must be a new work, not a work in progress.
  • A  brief biography of between 200 and 300 words
  • A scan of an official document showing that they, or both of their parents, were born in Africa.

Applications close on 31 October 2016. The successful writers will be announced in December and commence their scholarship in 2017. For full entry details visit the Miles Morland Foundation website.


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  1. Andy McKissock
    9 September 2016 / 5:00 am

    this is a lot of parochial rubbish. Apart from being xenophobic it creates divisiom between writers and encourages American writing rather than good writing!!!

  2. Tochukwu Emeh
    10 September 2016 / 6:22 pm

    I believe Caines wants to learn something new about Africa Mr. Andy Mckissock, and I see no harm in it. Am still a beginner and I have passion for writing. I need a mentor to help me access the few works I have put up with. Thanks

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