Jack Kerouac Writer in Residence Project 2019

The Kerouac Writer in Residence Project provides four residencies a year to writers of any age, living anywhere in the world. Each residency consists of approximately a three-month stay in Orlando, Florida.

The Kerouac Project takes place in the cottage where Jack Kerouac wrote his novel Dharma Bums. Accommodation, utilities and a food stipend of US$1000 are included but writers must cover any travel costs.

Applications are accepted in five categories: poetry, play, screenplay, fiction/short story, and nonfiction. Each application must include a writing sample of up to ten pages. Applications are considered on the strength of the writing sample, with the organisers stating that “in the past we have accepted writers with no formal writing education alongside those with MFA’s and impressive resumes.”

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Environmental Storytelling

A guest post by Denise Baden

Tackling climate change will require huge changes in society. Decarbonising energy, restoring habitat and making food supply sustainable are all critical, but methods for motivating these actions have typically taken the wrong approach – by highlighting the urgency of the issues and the disastrous consequences of failing to act.

Research increasingly suggests that trying to promote behavioural change through fear can be counterproductive, leading to anxiety or depression that results in an issue being avoided, denied or met with a sense of helplessness. However, in education, news and fiction, stories with positive role models and which focus on the positive outcomes of solutions are much more likely to inspire action to solve it. View Post


The Sunday Times Short Story Award 2019


Writers from around the world are invited to enter the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award 2019. The winner will receive £30,000 (approximately US$38,000), making this the most valuable prize in the world for a single short story.

The prize is for stories up to 6000 words in length and there is no entry fee. Stories can be either unpublished or published. If published, the work must not have appeared before 1 January 2018.

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The Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest 2019

Entries are now open for the Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest for 2019.

Kenyon Review was founded by John Crowe Ransom in 1939. It prides itself on publishing talented emerging writers, especially from diverse communities, alongside many distinguished, established writers. Kenyon Review’s short stories have won more O. Henry Awards than any other non-profit journal and it frequently appears on lists ranking America’s best literary magazines.

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A Guide to Short Story Contests 2019 - Image: Typewriter on a Desk

“Short fiction seems more targeted – hand grenades of ideas, if you will. When they work, they hit, they explode, and you never forget them.” ― Paolo Bacigalupi


Let Your Hair Down Speculative Writing Contest
is open to speculative fiction up to 1800 words, as well as to poetry and creative nonfiction. First prize is CA$1000 (US$730) and all entries will be considered for publication. The entry fee is $32.95 and includes a one-year subscription to EVENT magazine. The closing deadline is 20 January.

Kenyon Review’s Short Fiction Contest
is only open to writers who have not yet published a book. To enter writers must provide a story of up to 1200 words. The entry fee is US$24 and includes a one-year subscription to the Kenyon Review. The closing deadline is 31 January.

Masters Review Winter Short Story Award
is for new writers who have not published a novel or collection with a circulation over 5000 copies. First prize is US$3000. publication on The Masters Review site, and review from multiple agencies. The second and third place stories receive $300 and $200, respectively, publication, and agency review. The entry fee is $20. The closing deadline is 31 January. View Post